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M's Lana Jacket


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Lana Jacket is made in Wool Shell™ - a light, densely woven 100% merino wool fabric. No synthetic blends. No plastic coating. Just the pure performance of nature itself. Thanks to the natural fat in wool, lanolin, Lana Jacket becomes water resistant without adding any chemicals. The density of the weave makes the garment highly wind resistant but still very breathable.

It’s not only the performance that differs Lana from a conventional shell. It’s how it feels to wear it. Wool has a way of adapting to your body that synthetics can’t match. The shape follows your every movement. It’s silent. You can feel the natural touch of the material. Being in the outdoors is an experience for all senses. To hear the sounds. To feel the changes in the weather. With Lana, you will be a part of nature. Nothing will break the spell.

Lana Jacket is designed with our Made to Move technique. This means that the garment is draped directly on a body in active positions, instead of the traditional flatbed garment construction. The result is a garment that will give you full freedom of movement.

Lana Jacket is completely circular. Wool is a renewable material and when it’s not blended with synthetics, it’s both recyclable and biodegradable. When your Lana Jacket is completely worn out, it can be returned in the recycling units we have in all Houdini stores and at many of our retailers.

Lana Jacket is a natural alternative to conventional shell garments. The progressive material and minimalistic design work for skiing, hiking or just about any adventure all year around.

  • Regular fit
  • Made in 100% merino wool
  • Naturally wind- and water resistant
  • Soft and silent
  • Highly breathable
  • 2-way front zip
  • Hand and inner chest pockets
  • Circular: Made from renewable and biodegradable fibers
  • Designed with Made to Move
  • Made in Estonia
  • Weight 660 g