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Kinetic Via Kit


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  • Stitched shock absorber is lightweight and compact
  • 20 mm webbing lanyards
  • Equipped with Nomad slide-locking carabiners
  • Durable webbing twist ring keeps the lanyards in their proper orientation
  • In compliance with safety requirements fixed by the new review of the EN 958 standard and available for sale when the updated norm goes into effect (currently scheduled for?early 2017)

A high-end via ferrata lanyard set designed with our light and compact stitched shock absorber to absorb the energy of a fall. The Y-formation formed from strong 20 mm webbing allows the climber to pass fixtures while remaining securely attached to the wall. Connects to any harness with a webbing twist ring that positions the unit in its upright position even when passed through vertical tie-in points. Equipped with Nomad slide locking carabiners.


545 g, 19.2 oz


ID: 2742
Lanyard Length (cm): 105
Lanyards: Polyester 22 mm
Shock absorber: Stitch
Connectors: Nomad